Reading about the Registered Disability Savings Plan on the web can give you a basic understanding of the RDSP, but that is about it. A little googling and you learn the government will contribute up to $90,000. But, figuring out how much can you expect from the government? Well, that is a much harder question to answer.

Everyone’s numbers can be different. They often are. You either need to turn to a professional who understands the mechanics of the RDSP or be prepared to delve into the tedious details and run the calculations yourself.

So, we decided to build a customized RDSP Calculator for our website.

Our goal was a calculator easy enough to use, even for a person with virtually no RDSP knowledge, to answer three core questions:

  1. How much can I expect the government to contribute to my (or my child’s) RDSP?
  2. How much do I need to contribute to maximize the available government contributions?
  3. When can I withdraw money from my RDSP without government penalties?

The calculator provides much more, but these three questions served as the focus of the calculator’s design. After managing RDSP accounts for more than a decade, they are the key questions that inevitably rise to the surface.

The RDSP Calculator takes you through a few easy-to-follow steps where you enter the information needed to run your numbers. It then shows you the maximum amount you can expect from the government each calendar year and the amounts you need to contribute.
If you want, you have the option to change the amounts you contribute. The calculator will automatically adjust the government contribution amounts.

The calculator does not replace the need for professional advice, but it does act as a gateway. Understanding your own numbers, the amounts you could expect should help you decide whether you want to open an account or not.

There is no cost to use the calculator and you are not asked for sensitive personal information.

We hope you find the RDSP Calculator helpful.

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