Our RDSP Services

Opening an RDSP account is just the beginning…

Here is the process you can expect if you open an account through us.


1. Manage the Administration
2. Calculate Contributions
3. Verify Gov. Contributions
4. Conduct Annual Reviews

Manage all the administration. We do all the paperwork. Issues with RDSP accounts are often caused by paperwork filled out incorrectly. If you already have an RDSP account with another financial institution or advisor, you may be frustrated by issues created by incorrect paperwork. We have cleaned up many of these messes for clients who have transferred their RDSPs to our management.

Calculate How Much You Should Contribute.  How much should I contribute, has to be one of the most common questions we get. Determining how much you should contribute to your RDSP account today and in the future takes a bit of thinking. It depends on family income, when the beneficiary (the person with the disability) became eligible for the RDSP and what makes best sense for you.   Not only do we know how to calculate the contributions, be we also know how to explain the calculation so you understand it.

Review All Government Contributions.  After you have made a contribution to your RDSP, it takes one to two months until the government contributions are received. We review all government contributions for accuracy. If there is a discrepancy, we follow up and figure out why. Sometimes we need your help because the government needs to be contacted and they will only speak to you due to privacy regulations, but we tell you where to call and what to ask.

Conduct Annual Reviews. We will contact you on an annual basis to review your account, make changes where necessary and discuss an annual contribution.   If you want to hear from us more often than that, we are happy to oblige. We welcome phone calls and emails from clients when they have questions or something to discuss.

Please contact us for a consultation at 1.866.548.3888 or email rmalis@monarchwealth.ca.